Magic The Shattering is a deckbuilding/card game x danmaku/bullet-hell shooter where you equip weapons/passive abilities every turn, and take cards from your opponent to build your deck to further get more abilities.

A basic rundown of how to play (mostly explained in-game):
1. Choose a starter deck from the 4 given ones. Hover over cards to see details of each.
2. A round begins. You draw 5 cards the first round. Every successive round, you draw one card.
3. Click on a card to play/equip it for that round. Card effects only last for that specific round. All card effects are stacked. You can equip upto 8 cards.
4. Once you've equipped your cards, start that round.
5. WASD/Arrows to move around + Z/J to shoot the boss. What you shoot depends on what you equipped (if you didn't equip a weapon, you can't shoot).
6. Round ends if timer runs out or you kill the boss. If you do not have a weapon card equipped, just survive till the end of round.
7. If you kill that round's boss, you get to choose from the boss' cards + a reward card. Select any one card to add to your hand.
8. Any card you equipped that round gets shuffled back into the deck.
9. Next round begins, you draw another card, and continue.

Created from scratch for Ludum Dare 41 #ldjam #ld41 by Diptoman Mukherjee, Pranjal Bisht and Joel Montpetit.


Magic The 24 MB


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Good Game!

Fun game! Ran into a weird bug where the hand had blank spots filling it up for some reason.

Yo I like the game, thought it was a really neat concept.